My Story

To the outside world my life looked perfect, but inside I was hiding the truth, screaming, and a prisoner of my self-destructive habit!

I had a successful career and a beautiful family and home. I was popular and sociable, had great friends, enjoyed my hobbies and loved to travel. However, I was battling internally with my love/hate relationship with alcohol. I knew I was habitually overdrinking and could see the damage this was causing to my health, spirit and especially my family, but I couldn’t see a way out of the cycle.

Social and life events revolved around drinking, and I truly believed life was enhanced by the presence of alcohol. Hangovers were the unavoidable cost of having fun and subsequently my consumption and tolerance increased. Eventually, I was relying on an artificial substance for my happiness in life. Day to day pleasures paled significantly, and I was drinking, not to feel good, but to feel better.

The prospect of lessening or removing alcohol from my life seemed unimaginable. I had given this liquid in a glass a job as I continued to bury my head in denial. I envisaged living as a non-drinker to be a life full of dullness, deprivation, boredom and missing out. I had become emotionally and psychologically dependent.

What I couldn’t imagine was that living alcohol free would be the answer to living my best life ever; an existence full of hope, endless possibilities, personal development, magical relationships and feeling so fabulously well and healthy.

My appearance improved, I lost weight and within a couple of

months I was off high blood pressure meds and no longer had my inflammatory skin conditions, psoriasis and rosacea. My happiness, positivity and sense of well-being soared. I connected to my purpose and started to see and value the simple pleasures in life that had been lost to me over the years. My family and friends embraced me as I started to live in the present, devoid of tarnish, shame and self-loathing.

In 2021, after decades of habitual drinking and believing that wine helped me relax, socialize, fit in, celebrate and sleep, I finally gained control and removed alcohol from my life after discovering This Naked Mind, a science-based and compassion-led methodology by Annie Grace. I discovered the truth about alcohol, unpacked some core beliefs about the substance and learnt that, by changing the way I felt, the behavior could be interrupted effortlessly and without willpower.

I now live a free, fulfilling and liberated life, happily in control without feeling deprived or compromised. Alcohol no longer has any control over me, and I have zero desire to drink. My life is now complete, energized and empowered. I live freely, authentically and peacefully in a way I never thought was possible. As new friendships and pastimes formed, it became less and less important what was in my glass, until it didn’t matter at all.

With my proven experience and compassionate style, I can offer you a safe and secure space to explore your relationship with alcohol and get curious about your current mindset.

With my non-judgmental approach, I will encourage you to consider your current experiences and the choices you’re making that are keeping you stuck. I can guide and help you stay on track as you learn about alcohol as a substance, the hold it has over you, and how it affects the body and mind. We can discuss moderation as an option as you learn to disconnect alcohol from who you want to be and how you want to live. My personal transformation has been so life-changing and phenomenal that I’ve now committed myself to helping other successful, driven, high functioning and health-conscious individuals find their freedom and live the life they deserve.

About Me...

I am a former Social Worker and also work as a Fitness Instructor for mature adults and people with physical and mental disabilities. I’ve lived in Canada since 2008 and am happily married with two children in their twenties. In my spare time I love to travel, play golf, run, enjoy nature and socialize. I am an avid believer in self-growth and personal development and would love nothing more than to share my discoveries with you. As Brene Brown says: “credit goes to the one in the arena who dares greatly”. It’s all about being vulnerable and showing up!

What My Clients Say...

Kate! You are awesome! Truly!

I remember back to the beginning of this incredible journey of growth, and how I connected to you. Always so honest, transparent, funny and supportive. Sometimes giddy with possibility! Made me smile!

Listening to accounts of your alcohol-free journey helped me lean into your way of thinking and feeling as you described what freedom looked like and what there was to look forward to! What inspiration!

You encouraged me to keep going and follow my dreams. Thank you!

~Anne MA USA

Kate’s warmth, non-judgmental approach and engaging manner really helped me in our coaching sessions.

Knowing she had experienced similar challenges in her own alcohol freedom journey was reassuring and helped me build confidence. I enjoyed talking to her and was impressed by her knowledge and how well equipped she was with tactics to help me unpack my thoughts and beliefs, whilst developing goals to achieve.

She identified with me well, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a life of freedom

~Lynn IL USA

Kate related to me well and was willing to share her own experiences as she created a safe environment for me to share.

She supported me with knowledge and guidance as I continue to live an alcohol-free life.

I can certainly recommend her to anyone who needs help in changing their relationship with drinking.

~Mary MN USA

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