30 Day Sobriety Challenge

Challenge you relationship with alcohol for 30 days

  • Daily content uploaded to your portal for 30 days

  • Reading material, videos, reflections and activities to support your 30-Day challenge

  • Email and text message reminders

  • Personalized text and email support


9 Week Intensive Program

  • Weekly modules delivered over the course of 9 weeks

  • Comprehensive reading material and engaging videos

  • Personalized text and email support

  • Tailored to deepen your understanding and strengthen your resolve


What My Clients Say...

Kate! You are awesome! Truly!

I remember back to the beginning of this incredible journey of growth, and how I connected to you. Always so honest, transparent, funny and supportive. Sometimes giddy with possibility! Made me smile!

Listening to accounts of your alcohol-free journey helped me lean into your way of thinking and feeling as you described what freedom looked like and what there was to look forward to! What inspiration!

You encouraged me to keep going and follow my dreams. Thank you!

~Anne MA USA

Kate’s warmth, non-judgmental approach and engaging manner really helped me in our coaching sessions.

Knowing she had experienced similar challenges in her own alcohol freedom journey was reassuring and helped me build confidence. I enjoyed talking to her and was impressed by her knowledge and how well equipped she was with tactics to help me unpack my thoughts and beliefs, whilst developing goals to achieve.

She identified with me well, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a life of freedom

~Lynn IL USA

Kate related to me well and was willing to share her own experiences as she created a safe environment for me to share.

She supported me with knowledge and guidance as I continue to live an alcohol-free life.

I can certainly recommend her to anyone who needs help in changing their relationship with drinking.

~Mary MN USA

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